Vaya Yellow Cheese Heart Collection: Vaya selects the heart of the cheese for you to enjoy the top flavor and after – taste. The heart of the cheese, with the rich and homogeneous texture offers you unforgettable pleasure and a unique tasteful experience.


Kasseri is a kind of cheese, produced in Greece, and is a protected designation of origin in the European Union (PDO). It is made from sheep milk with no more than 20% goat’s milk mixed in, where to obtain the correct texture and flavor, the cheese needs to be matured for a minimum of four months. It is a springy-textured, white crust, stringy cheese belonging to the pasta filata family. A bite of Kasseri will enrich your palette with exciting salty flavors and pungent odor. It can be used as: an additional to your antipasto plate with meats, crackers & tomatoes, ground over pasta, over your salads, or melted on garlic bread.


Graviera due to the balanced taste becomes widely known. This wheel-shaped cheese is made from mixture based of sheep’s milk. Graviera belongs to Gruyere cheese family and has a sweet taste with a pleasant burnt caramel flavor. The hard, cooked rind has a crisscross pattern derived from the cloth in which the cheese was drained. It is a very versatile cheese which can be used in many different ways: as a table cheese served as an appetizer, saganaki (fried) or roasted, in cooked dishes (especially au gratin), and as a grated cheese.


Kefalograviera is one of the newer Greek and it’s a protected designation of origin in the European Union (PDO). Its production was started on the early 60s and it has quickly become a favorite cheese. It is made from a blend of sheep and goat milk and goes through a three month maturity period. Kefalograviera has a salty taste, a rich aroma and comes in wheels or wedges. Except is considered to be one of the finest table cheeses, it can also be used in saganaki (fried cheese), as a roasted cheese, or on top of pasta dishes.


Kefalotyri is a Greek cheese that has been made since Byzantine times and is one of the most famous. It is made out of sheep’s milk and needs at least three months of maturity. Kefalotyri has a strong, pungent flavor with a characteristic hard-dry texture. This cheese with the sharp flavor can be used as: a table cheese, grated, or cooked into cheese pastries and saganaki. Kefalotyri can be served with wine as well.

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From Greek Land

The Greek cheese VAYA is made in a traditional way, by exclusively using fresh goat and sheep milk, which is produced at one of the finest Greek Chios Sheep breeding farms in VAYA of Boeotia. From left button “download” our product and packaging catalogue.